Blakewell Fisheries


Blakewell trout fishery and fish farm was established 30 years ago. The owners had the vision then to see what it has become today; a Mecca for all lovers of quality fly fishing looking for sport on a lake that is both natural and beautiful, full of insect life and fed by pure spring water from the hills of Exmoor. A lake to compare with the small crystal waters one can only find in Scotland and Ireland.


But more than that, the owners also saw the potential to make Blakewell the premier destination for all lovers of water gardens and gardening. Set in a quiet valley with a sparkling stream fed from Exmoor and overlooked by tree studded Devon hills, it is idyllic. It was the perfect spot to realize their dream.


And so today fly fishermen can also chase their dream! From all over the country they make dedicated trips to catch our razor finned trout that grow to over 21lbs! Garden lovers from all over Devon visit our Water Garden Centre for help in the design and maintenance of their garden ponds and lakes and of course all their necessary products, plants and fish supplies. Blakewell also supplies restocking quality Rainbow and Brown trout to customers all over the UK.


Blakewell is a truly relaxing place that also offers a Farm Shop, Family fishing for children and of course hot food and refreshment. Visit our website at or email


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