Marwood Community Hall Project Update March 2014


Dear Marwood Occupant / Friends of Marwood Community and School,


Over recent months you may have seen updates about the Marwood Community Hall project in Marwood Matters. After a long gestation period we are very excited to now have the finances in place, and the necessary Department of Education Consents, to enable us to enter the final phase of the project.


     I am therefore writing to inform you that we have submitted our Planning Application to Devon District Council Planning Office. As you may be aware, the hall will be used jointly by Marwood School and by the local community. The Hall will be of sufficient size to accommodate a badminton court and there will be new kitchen facilities and storage space plus an extension to the existing car park for Community use.


     During term time the school will use the facility in the mornings and through the lunch period, providing the children with greatly improved facilities for indoor exercise and performances.  


     The Community will have use of the hall outside of the above school times, subject to the usual limitations. It is still early days in trying to determine detailed Community usage patterns for the hall, and we would welcome expressions of interest or ideas so we can start to formulate plans. 


      To give you an opportunity to see the plans and to ask questions we will be holding an open evening between 18:00 and 19:30, on Tuesday April 1st in the old hall at Marwood School.  Please do come along to meet the Marwood Community Hall Project Team and discuss any ideas you may have for use of the hall or any matters of concern or queries you may have.











Secretary Marwood Community Hall Management Committee and Chair of Governors, Marwood School


Marwood Community Hall Project Update February 2014


Progress continues to be made towards building the Community Hall in Marwood. The consent required for the car park extension on the school playing field, has now been received from the Department for Education. Also we have received an “in principle” Letter of Support from Devon County Council (DCC). Although it contains some conditions, none were new and all should be capable of being addressed.


We now have an outline drawing for the hall, which has been posted on the Marwood Matters website on the UPDATES. Our quantity surveyor has prepared an initial Project Development Programme, which is a best case scenario for us all to aim for.  If there are no delays it has work on the school site starting just before the summer holidays and finishing by the end of 2014. Our biggest timeline risk is delays in finalising various agreements with Devon County Council 


Costs remain a key factor in the Marwood Community Hall Project. There is still much to be done in this area following on from the initial designs for the hall. However, the preliminary costings are in line with the funds projected to be available but we have no significant funds to meet unforeseen eventualities. We have submitted a DCC Community Grant application for £20,000 which, if successful, would be a major boost to our finances and, in addition, we are planning a fund raising “Auction” evening on Saturday 29th March at 7:30pm at West Down Village Hall. Please come along to support the Marwood Community Hall project. If you require further information, are able to help on the night or wish to offer anything for the auction please contact Liz Quick using her email address


Although very early days, we want to start thinking about how the community will use the hall. We would therefore be very interested in hearing from prospective users of the facility. All enquiries should be sent to Nicky Cruden-Shepherd using her email address




I look forward to seeing many of you on 29th March.




Pete Silveston


Secretary, Marwood Community Hall Charity




I am pleased to report that Devon County Council (DCC) have now received the consent from the Department of Education, referred to in my September article, to lease a part of the Marwood School site for the building of the proposed joint use community-school hall, However, DCC have now informed us that a further application is required to lease a part of the playing field for the car park extension, under legislation designed to protect school playing fields being developed. Since we would be leasing a relatively insignificant piece of land which does not form part of the actual “level” playing field area this further application should not be a major hurdle.  Fortunately the project is not being delayed as we continue to progress the re-design of the hall to meet the current available funding. We have appointed our project architect and hope to have a quantity surveyor appointed by the end of November. 

Pete Silveston