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Dear friends

When I wrote in November I promised to update you regarding the appeal by Philip Milton against the listing of the Ring O'Bells as an Asset of Community Value.

Firstly, the good news - the appeal has failed and I attach below the link to the reason for this given by NDC. 


One of the reasons that the appeal was not successful is that it has clearly been important to NDC that we were able to demonstrate that we have maintained a specific listing of the group of people who had pledged to invest in the Pub in 2014/15. This was regarded as important as I am told there has been recent case law suggesting a simple email group of people may not be sufficient to meet the criteria of a 'Group'. As an example you may recall Mr Milton chose to mention as part of his appeal the fact that he and his son were in fact members of the wider group.
     I have therefore today written separately to members of that group, that I have called The Shareholders Group. At the moment The Shareholders Group represent a 'Group' that NDC regard as satisfying the requirements of the Act. On this basis, it therefore makes sense initially to lead any future campaign, whatever that may look like, through The Shareholders Group (rather than including the wider group of individuals). 
     I have proposed The Shareholders Group meet to discuss our immediate options and initial responses have been very favourable. I shall, of course, keep you informed of the outcome of this meeting.
     In the meantime, if you have any questions or ideas please let me know. 
     Finally, I hope you understand why I have proposed that the initial leadership is with The Shareholders Group. One of our challenges will be to add new bona fide people from the wider Group to The Shareholders Group to ensure that the right people have the full opportunity to be involved and contribute.

Malcolm Higdon



PS I am also aware that there are some people who are not on our mailing lists. If you are one of these people and would like to be added please let me know on 
malhigdon@aol.com. Please also let me have any comments you may wish to make on our campaign."


Ring O'Bells Appeal by Philip Milton
ROB Appeal Response REDACTED (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 501.8 KB
Philip Milton's Response.pdf
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