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Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

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Richard Berry

01271 850392

Colin Latham

01271 371964 (Chairman) Parish Roads/Highways

Sue Button

01271 813804 (Vice Chairman)

Sheelagh Darling

01271 374345    Parish Rights of Way

David Chugg

 01271 377491

Christopher Wallis

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Arthur Skentelbery

01271 321220

Christopher Spear

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To view recent Parish Council Meeting Minutes and Reports, click here  and see report below. Agenda for next meeting scheduled for 11th January below.SEE NOTICE ABOUT PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY ON PARISH COUNCIL NOTICE BOARDS OR SPEAK TO COUNCILLORS - JANUARY 2018 

PC Agenda 11.01.2018
Council Agenda 11.01.2018.pdf
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Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 14 December 2017

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, C Spear,  S Button,  R Berry, D Chugg,

A Skentelbery,

Apologies: Cllrs. C Wallis, Mrs S Darling, T Bigge. Cllr Mrs A Davis. Cllr F Tucker 

PCSO Kingdon

In Attendance:   M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. None

Chairman's Discretion.  None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 9 November 2017

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record

Police Report

One crime was reported (fail to stop after road accident)

Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Tucker was at Shirwell but had reported that Officers have visited the play area at the Prixford site and are pleased with the developer's work and the construction.


Correspondence has been sent to Councillors. Electoral Review response required.


Payment of Invoices. Invoices agreed for payment; £130.00 C F Wallis (November),

£94.15 Admin/Acc (Oct - Dec); North Devon Council £569.72 (salary/fee/VAT) Oct – Dec.

C F Wallis £290.00 (DCC P3 Grant) Statement of Account at 14 December is £7089.75.

Precept 2018/19.   Following discussion, Members agreed the initial request for the precept to remain unchanged. The confirmed request will be made at the January meeting

Planning Matters

64135 – Whiddon Services Reservoir North Lane Muddiford. Prior approval for change of use of a water tank (reservoir) and land within its curtilage (use class B8) to one dwelling house (class C3)

Members expressed concern that this application refers to an underground tank which the application refers to as a “building”. The following comments recommend refusal.

A sporadic development outside the local plan; the size of the actual plot and inability to meet amenity requirements eg. gardens; vehicle access on to the highway, parking and ability to turn vehicles on this site; inability to meet mandatory standard for natural lighting; no public, foul or storm water drainage available, site is not large enough to meet the distance requirements for septic tanks and drainage field.

64189 – Valley View Guineaford. Hedgerow removal notice – removal of 2x5 metre sections to create openings in field boundaries. Members were surprised to learn that this application had been granted and that they were not given the opportunity to comment within the 21 statutory days.

Footpath 45  In September 1992, the former Clerk to the Council had sent a letter to Dr Brook stating that in a letter from the Devon County Engineer it advised that the road to Marwood Church will be maintained (by the County). The current Clerk reported that he has read through six years of Parish Council Minutes (1988-1993) to obtain any history of this matter. He said there is previous correspondence relating to this footpath but there is no Council Minute confirming the letter from the Devon County Engineer and no further mention after 12 September 1991. Devon County Council Legal Department were due to investigate.

Reports from Councillors

Highways.  Members were pleased to note that the work on the B3230 was completed within the time-scale. They were displeased to note that in spite of requests to Devon County Council Highways there has been no reply concerning the proposed traffic calming in Prixford.  Concern was also expressed about the “apparent” varied condition of the roads in North Devon compared with those in South Devon although certain roads in this area seem to have been well treated.

Confidential Business.

Members passed the resolution to exclude the public and Press.

a) Tom Bigge had not attended a Council Meeting in a six month period and  therefore automatically ceased to be a Councillor

b) The provision and use of grants to the two churches for cemetery maintenance was discussed.


The Meeting closed at 20.35        M J Measures


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