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Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

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Richard Berry

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Colin Latham

01271 371964 (Chairman) Parish Roads/Highways

Sue Button

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David Chugg

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Christopher Wallis

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Christopher Spear

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  1. To view most recent Parish Council Meeting Report below. For previous meetings click here . PARISH COUNCIL CHANGE OF AGM & PC MAY MEETING  In consultation with the Chairman, he has agreed to postpone the Annual General Meeting and Council Meeting due on 9 May. The meetings will be held a week later on Thursday 16 May at 19.00 See Agenda below.
Parish Council AGM Agenda 16.05.19
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Parish Council Meeting Agenda 16.05.19
Council Agenda 16052019.pdf
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Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 11 April 2019

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, C Spear, A Skentelbery, C Wallis,S Button ,

D Chugg, R Berry,

Apologies:  Cllr. Mrs S Darling. Cllr Mrs A Davis, Cllr F Tucker

In Attendance: M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. See Minute 4960      Chairman's Discretion. Next Meeting date

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 14 March 2019

Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

The Clerk sent Members a copy of the Police Report which showed reported crimes of

two criminal damage' one harassment without violence.

Reports from County and District Councillors

The report from Cllr Mrs Davis includes Highway Maintenance Costs for the Combe Martin Rural  Area showing an investment of £1.252m and detailed information concerning the proposed development work along the A361 Link Road. She thanked members of the public for their understanding of the need for the disruption for these schemes.

No report from Cllr Tucker.


Correspondence has been sent to Councillors.

Temporary Road Works from Berry Down Cross to Rose Cottages 26 -30 April; removal of NDC dog-bin service;Go North Devon, charitable organisation which provides transport and mobility for members of the community;Update from “Save Our Pub Group” (Ring o' Bells); Members Code of Conduct Training Event.


Invoices agreed for payment: DALC Annual Subscription £184.63; ITJ Computer Inks £24.39. Closing Balance at 31 March 2019 is £5171.43.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Certificate of Exemption: The Clerk explained the Income/Expenditure figures and as these fall within the  exemption parameters the Chairman and Clerk signed the form.

Annual Governance Statement The Clerk read the nine questions relating to the system of internal financial control and the Council answered “Yes” to all. The Chairman and the Clerk signed the Statement.

The two Returns will be sent to the External Auditors to register exemption.

Planning Matters

66342 – Land at the North of Merewood Close. Erection of one local needs dwelling

Cllr Chugg declared a prejudicial interest and did not need to leave the meeting as the Clerk informed Members that the NDC Planning Officer informed that there is more investigation being carried out and the application will be resubmitted.

66427 – Blakewell Cottage Muddiford. Demolition of existing and erection of new dwelling, erection of new detached garage and closure of existing and creation of new vehicular access.                                                                                Recommend : Approval

66303 – Whitefield Down Muddiford. Erection of two holiday cottages together with associated perking and reception facilities.

Cllr Berry declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting. He did not speak or vote on the application. Members expressed differing views particularly regarding the building of two holiday cottages in the middle of a wood. They said this could open up the possible opportunity for such similar planning applications throughout the Parish. A vote was taken and the result was FOR x 5, AGAINST x 1.                             Recommend : Approval

65653 – Notice of Appeal. Whiddon Service Reservoir, North Lane Muddiford.

Members agreed to send the same information to the Planning Inspector that was sent to North Devon Council with a recommendation of REFUSAL

On-going Matters

Telephone Kiosk. Recommendations for the future use of the kiosk have been received and these include: using as a library, a floral display and possible stain-glass windows.

The installation of a defibrillator has been considered before and considered not viable. The Clerk emphasised that any development must have the support of volunteers. The costs of renovating the kiosk and installing possible shelving will be  investigated.

Parish Elections. Six existing Members have been returned unopposed, leaving three vacancies. Members expressed disappointment with this situation in that others did not wish to stand for election to serve as Parish Councillor.

Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths. Mrs Sheelagh Darling has agreed to continue as the Parish Representative for the DCC Parish Paths Partnership Scheme and will liaise with the Clerk and Cllr Chris Wallis.

Highways/Transport.  Members expressed considerable disappointment that the traffic calming scheme in Prixford has not been started by DCC Highways inspite of several contacts made by the Clerk and Cllr Mrs Davis. The Clerk will write again to ask DCC Highways to start the work as soon as possible in line with the agreed drawings.

Chairman's Discretion. The Clerk reminded Members that the next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting (9 May 2019) starting at 19.00 followed by the monthly business meeting at 19.30  PLEASE SEE CHANGED DATE ABOVE-TO 16th MAY                                                                                       Meeting closed at 20.30

                                                                                                        M J Measures



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