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Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

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Richard Berry

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Colin Latham

01271 371964 (Chairman) Parish Roads/Highways

Sue Button

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Sheelagh Darling

01271 374345    Parish Rights of Way

David Chugg

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Christopher Wallis

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Arthur Skentelbery

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Christopher Spear

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 Alan Cruden



  Mr Alan Cruden has been elected as our new Parish Councillor 



To view recent Parish Council Meeting Minutes and Reports, click here  and see report below of the March meeting.



Grants information email February 2018
Grants and information email .pdf
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Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 8 March 2018

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs.  C Spear,  S Button,  R Berry, D Chugg, C Wallis,

A Skentelbery, Mrs S Darling.

Apologies: Cllr. C Latham. Cllr Mrs Davis, Cllr  F Tucker. PCSO Kingdon

(Cllr Latham was delayed by an accident (not involved) on his return journey from Warwickshire)

Cllr Spear acted as Chairman

In Attendance:   M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. See Minute 4832

Chairman's Discretion. None

Confidential Agenda

Resolution: that in view of the confidential nature of the business to be discussed, the public and Press be temporarily excluded from the meeting. This was agreed.

1. Grant Funding. The Clerk presented his report on Grants for Burial Grounds Maintenance emphasising the responsibility of Councillors and also of the recipients in the administration of grants. The report was robustly discussed with a decision to be made in the open meeting under item 6(c).

2. Co-option Process. The Clerk had sent copies of the applications from three applicants. Members confirmed that a paper ballot would be held in the open meeting under item 10.

                                                                        The Confidential Agenda ended at 19.30

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 8 February 2018

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record with a minor amendment.

Police Report

Members had received a copy of the Police Report which showed one crime of theft of signage.

Reports from County and District Councillors

The Clerk gave Members a copy of the report from Cllr Mrs Davis which highlighted the budget for 2018/19 and unfair funding; an increase in the number of “gangs” carrying out repairs to pot holes; the upgrade of Killacleave Recycling Centre Illfracombe.

No report from Cllr Tucker.


Correspondence has been sent to Councillors. Letter from Ken Miles, NDC Head of Corporate and Community Services, indicating a possible Community Governance Review by the District Council. If such a review were carried out consultation would take place with the respective Parish Councils and electorate.

Planning Matters

64522 Broomhill Lodge Muddiford. Erection of dwelling and double garage to replace existing with change of use of adjacent land to form domestic garden.                       Recommend : Approval

64495 Maranello Muddiford. Erection of detached garage with office.   Recommend : Approval


Invoices agreed for payment; £120.00 C F Wallis (clearance of debris after flood); £569.72

North Devon Council (Salary/fee/VAT Jan-March); £129.64 (Admin. Jan-March)

£250.00 Marwood PCC (replacement unpresented cheque, see Minute 4808)

Balance at 8 March is £5380.39.  The Clerk was authorised to purchase a new computer, printer, screen, keyboard and have it installed. (Funds for this were provided through the

Transparency Code Funds).

Grant Funding Following the discussion of the Confidential Report by the Clerk to the Council it was agreed: to award a grant of £200 to Marwood PCC towards burial grounds maintenance to be shown in their end of year accounts for 2018/19.

(Cllr Mrs Darling and Cllr Sue Button declared an interest)                        

NDC has informed Parish Councils that there will be no reduction in grants for 2018/19

Footpath 45 

In an attempt to gather historic information the Clerk reported that he contacted Devon County Council, Devon Archives and South West Heritage and that in 1991 there is no reference to Highways or County Engineer or Legal and Sub-Committees for Environment and Countryside and Planning. Also checked were Minutes of the Highways and Transportation Committee and the Public Rights of Way Sub-Committee for June,September, November 1991 and January 1992. He has also checked the Parish Council Minutes for 1988-1993. The Clerk will contact the North Devon Records Office to see if they have any records.

The Definitive Map Modification Order states “it is necessary to supply historical and archival information”. It also states, inter alia, that the applicant will be the promoter of the application and will be required to support it through its various stages and if the process seems to be too burdensome, the Parish Council may be interested in assisting”. The application must have the support of all the residents/landowners along the footpath.  Cllr Sue Button said she will act as Lead Member and that the Clerk will arrange to pass the relevant papers to her.

Section 106 Funding – traffic calming in Prixford

Cllr Chugg attended a site meeting on 13 February 2018 with DCC representatives and Cllr Mrs Davis. Although detailed drawings had been produced by the developer the DCC Officers said they would still wish to carry out speed checks. It was agreed to ask for a meeting with County Cllr Mrs Davis and District Cllr Tucker.

Co-option of Councillor

The Clerk issued a voting paper to each Councillor with the names of the three candidates and asked that a cross (X) be placed against the name of their choice. The Clerk collected the ballot papers and gave the result to the Chairman who read it to Members. Alan Cruden was elected to be co-opted to the Parish Council.

The Clerk would notify all three applicants the next day.

                                                                                         Cllr Ghugg left the meeting at 20.07 Reports from Councillors

Highways.  It was agreed to carry out the repair work to the bridge at Guineaford

Flooding. A meeting with the Environment Agency, DCC and residents has yet to be arranged due to the recent adverse weather conditions.

Chairman's Discretion

None                                                        The meeting closed at 20.27



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