Marwood Parish Council

We're here as Parish Councillors to help support the community and keep people connected in Marwood, Devon. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month, except August when there is no meeting.  All the contact details of the Parish Councillors are listed below and on the notice boards. You can also use the  CONTACT US THROUGH THIS WEBSITE IF YOU NEED OR CAN OFFER HELP.


ICY ROADS IN MARWOOD - A reminder that Cllr David Chugg has a supply of SALT if needed - see contact details below

The Annual General Meeting and first new Parish Council Meeting will be on Thursday 11 May 2023 at 19.30


MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting 11 May 2023

Marwood Methodist Church Hall Guineaford


Councillors signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office


Present : Cllrs.C Latham, D Chugg, R Berry, A Bend, A  Harvey-Bryant,

K Down

Apologies : Cllr, C Wallis. Cllr Andrea Davis, Cllr Julie Hunt

In Attendance :  M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the year 2023/24

Cllr Colin Latham was elected Chairman and Cllr David Chugg was elected Vice-Chairman; both unanimously elected and both signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Appointment of Council Representatives

The following were elected:

Parish Paths Partnership Scheme (P3). Cllr Chris Wallis

Marwood Matters Newsletter. Cllr  Adrian Bend                                              Highways Matters/Road Salt. Cllr David Chugg. 

Snow Warden. Cllr Chris Wallis                                                                     

Annual Report of the Chairman

Cllr Latham thanked Parish Councillors for their support over the last year and for serving again as Parish Councillors. He thanked Cllr Andrea Davis and Cllr Joe Tucker for their contribution to Parish matters. Cllr Latham thanked the Clerk for his service/guidance and support over the last difficult year.

Annual Report of the Clerk to the Council.

The Clerk gave a short oral report which included information of attendance at 65% for the six meetings held. He gave the end of year balance of accounts as £2108.23 which includes £346 ring-fenced funds from the Jubilee celebrations for the purchase and planting of a tree. He thanked Members for their support and understanding especially over the last few months when he was indisposed. A full copy of his report will be attached to the Minutes.

Code of Conduct

There is no change of the Code of Conduct which each Councillor received a copy of the Ten General Principles governing the conduct under the Relevant Authorities (General Principles) Order 2001 last year. The Code of Conduct was unanimously adopted by the Council.

Standing Orders

The Clerk had been asked by Members to carry out an in-house survey regarding the number of times the Council should meet, the start time and the day of the week.

The results/analysis of the survey had been sent to all Councillors and a copy of their response is attached to the main Minutes.

The results were briefly discussed and the unanimous decision was made to amend the Standing Orders for the year 2023/2024.

The Parish Council shall meet on the following dates:


11 May 2023 AGM/Council Meeting

20 July 2023 Council Meeting

August 2023 recess, no meeting

21 September 2023 Council Meeting

16 November 2023 Council Meeting to discuss the precept

18 January 2024 Council Meeting, precept confirmation

21 March 2024 Council Meeting, end of year accounts.


The start time of meetings will be either 19.00 or 19.30 depending on the time of year. The Chairman has authority to call additional meetings if there are urgent matters to discuss. The Clerk will continue to keep Members informed during the interim months.

Note: not in Standing Orders. Copies of Agendas/Minutes and interim reports will be sent to Marwood Matters for inclusion in the Newsletters. All public notices will be displayed on the Council notice boards.



                                                                                    The meeting closed at 19.20


Report of the Council Meeting 11 May 2023

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, D Chugg,  A Bend, R Berry, K Down,

A Harvey-Bryant.

Apologies: Cllr C Wallis, Cllrs. Cllr A Davis, Cllr J Hunt

In Attendance:  M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Discloseable Interests. None       Chairman’s Discretion. None.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 20 April 2023

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

Copy sent to Members

Reports from County and District Councillors

No reports


Relevant correspondence has been sent to Councillors


Invoices agreed for payment: C F Wallis £140 (May); North Devon Council £483.23 (May);

C Hummerston £50.00 (internal auditor); Community First Insurance £195.00 (annual fee).

The balance at 11 May 2023 is £5248.63.

a) Internal Auditor Report. The Clerk showed Members the Annual Internal Audit Report signed by the Internal Auditor with the comment “Having completed this work, I have found no errors. Overall, I have concluded that the finances appear well managed and that supporting financial records are appropriate to the type and size of council”.

b) Annual Governance Statement. The Clerk read the eight questions on the Statement,,

all were answered “Yes”. The Chairman and Clerk signed the Statement.

c) Annual Accounting Statement. The Clerk showed Councillors the Statement and read the figures entered which showed a closing balance of £2108 (r/u), (includes £446 ring-fenced for Jubilee tree planting).  The Chairman and Clerk signed the Statement.

d) Notice of Public Rights. The Clerk will issue the Public Notice for inspection of accounts with a commencing date of Monday 5 June 2023 and ending Friday 14 July 2023.

e) Certificate of Exemption. The Chairman and Clerk signed the Certificate of Exemption confirming that no external audit will be required, (as agreed by Council on 20 April 2023).

Planning Matters

None received.

Reports from Councillors

Parish Highways. A resident in Middle Marwood continues to pour cement into two drains that support the road water system. The Clerk has contacted the Devon County Councillor who will inform the Highways Officer to investigate and report back to the

Parish Council.

Parish Footpaths/P3.  Cllr Chugg reported that some rail-fencing along footpath 33 seems to be unsafe. Cllr Wallis will investigate.

Co-option Procedure

Members agreed to advertise the two vacancies at the end of May with a closing date

for applications by 30 June for inclusion in the 21 July agenda.

Notices will be displayed on Parish Council notice boards and in Marwood Matters.

Chairman’s Discretion


None                                                                                                   Meeting closed at 20.05


and Planning

 Planning Matters to be considered particularly by neighbours and the Parish Council. Please go to

 put in the application number and click on the webpage for further details. 

          76917 – Proposed ancillary accommodation in garden at Corner Cottage  Road from Greenhill to Whitehall Cottage, Middle Marwood.

              76949 – Highfield Guineaford. Conversion of barn to dwelling

              76686 -  Chapel Farm Marwood. Variation of condition 2 (approved plans)             attached to planning permission                       71180 (construction of a covered silage clamp to create a self feed system) to amended shed design.


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Reporting Highways Issues

 Please ring: 0345 155 1004 or email

Live chat is available on the Highways website Monday to Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm and 9:00am - 4:30pm on Friday. 

To report a problem with road maintenance, traffic management and parking, streetlights and signs and public rights of way please use the Highways website.

Parish Councillors


 Cllr Colin Latham (Chairman)

Higher Stowford Farm

Hore Down Gate EX34 8PH

01271 269824


Cllr Adrian Bend

Rowan Cottage

Muddiford  EX31 4HH

 07732 264372


Cllr Richard Berry

Honeywell Farm

Muddiford EX31 4HS

01271 850392


Cllr David Chugg (Vice-Chairman)

Kalbarri House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 377491


Cllr Karen Down



Muddiford EX31 850063


Cllr Andrew Harvey-Bryant

North Warcombe Farm,

Lee EX34 8LR

 07484 640770


Cllr Christopher Wallis

Woodgate  Cottage

Milltown EX31 4HG

01271 850260




M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

9 Kingfisher Drive

Barnstaple EX32 8QW

 01271 323386

County Cllr Mrs Andrea Davis

Southwinds  Cottage

Kentisbury EX31 4NH

 07786  868038

District Cllr Julie Hunt


Bus. mobile:  07909 772458

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