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Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

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Richard Berry

01271 850392

Colin Latham

01271 371964 (Chairman) Parish Roads/Highways

Sue Button

01271 813804 (Vice Chairman)

Sheelagh Darling

01271 374345    Parish Rights of Way

David Chugg

 01271 377491

Christopher Wallis

01271 850260

Arthur Skentelbery

01271 321220

Christopher Spear

01271 850533

 Alan Cruden

 01271 850592


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Grants information email February 2018 re Flood Prevention
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Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 13 December  2018

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, C Spear,, A Skentelbery, Mrs S Darling,  R Berry, S Button, D Chugg, A Cruden

Apologies:  Cllr Wallis.  Cllr. F Tucker.

In Attendance: Cllr Mrs A Davis   M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. None  Chairman's Discretion. None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 8 November 2018

Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

The Clerk sent Members a copy of the Police Report which showed no crimes have been reported in the Marwood area.

Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Mrs Davis reported on the Christmas Recycling programme including the type of products that should be recycled; an update on the Highways  proposals/works; Public Rights of Way; the overnight closures of the Eastbound North Devon Link Road.

A detailed copy of the report has been sent to Councillors and is attached to the Minutes

No report from Cllr Tucker.                                       


Correspondence has been sent to Councillors.


Invoices agreed for payment: C F Wallis £145.00 (P3 Scheme); North Devon Council £457.30; Exmoor Computers £140.00 (installation/training) (no charge to Council precept)

Balance £7213.62. The Clerk showed Members the bank statement and accounts book and the Chairman initialled to confirm accuracy.

Parish Grants 2018/19. The Clerk confirmed the Parish Grant of £811.00. Members agreed how this should be allocated and the funds will be issued in January 2019.

Planning Matters

65811- Continued siting of one mobile home to provide an agricultural worker's dwelling at Whitefield Down Muddiford.                                                             Recommend : Approval

65765 – Conversion of barn to form one dwelling together with improvements to access track and change of use of land to form domestic curtilage at Milltown Farm.  Recommend : Approval

65931 – Erection of one local needs dwelling at land adjacent to agricultural workshop Middle Marwood.                                                                                  Recommend : Approval

65967 – This late application will be considered at the meeting in January 2019

Traffic Calming Scheme, Prixford.

In response to the contact from the Clerk, the DCC Development Management Officer said he has sent the details to the NDC Planning Officer whose response is for DCC to get on with the work and to advise Pearce Construction to carry out the work as soon as possible.

The Parish Council is in full agreement with this action.

On-going Matters

Footpath 45. Cllr Sue Button reported that over sixty completed questionnaires have been sent to Devon County Council for them to consider.

Telephone Kiosk. A notice will be placed in Marwood Matters asking the public to suggest the future use of the telephone kiosk at Prixford Bridge and for volunteers to assist with the changes and future involvement. The Parish Council will arrange for the kiosk to be painted and to make any alterations depending on the proposed use.

Cllr Mrs Davis said funds are available to carry some of the work.


Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths. No report.

Highways/Transport.  Councillors reported that the drains in the repaired section of the highway at Blakewell Fisheries have been wrongly installed and surface water continues to run down the road and not into the drains. The Clerk will contact DCC Highways.

Cllr Spear asked if the painted road signs in Guineaford and Prixford could be re-painted when DCC Highways carry out the enhancement work in Prixford. The Clerk will ask.

Members commented on the serious traffic jams which occur at the new roundabout by the District Hospital by traffic trying to get into the hospital parking areas. Long delays are caused for through traffic. Cllr Davis said the hospital is responsible for providing additional parking spaces.

Chairman's Discretion   

The Chairman wished everyone a Happy Christmas

                                                                                    Meeting closed at 20.18

                                                                                                      M J Measures



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