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Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

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Richard Berry

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Colin Latham

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 Malcolm Higdon  

David Chugg

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Christopher Wallis

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 Andrew Harvey-Bryant  
Christopher Spear

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 Adrian Bend

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 The most recent Parish Council Meeting Report  and the next  council meeting  agenda, when available, is below. For previous meetings click here . 


Report of the COUNCIL MEETING  7 November 2019

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford

Members Present: Cllrs. C Spear, C Latham, C Wallis, S Button, A Bend, A Harvey-Bryant

Malcolm Higdon signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and was co-opted as a Councillor to the Parish Council.

Apologies: Cllrs. D Chugg, R Berry          

In Attendance:  Cllr Mrs Davis, Cllr F Tucker, M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. None                              Chairman's Discretion. None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 3 October 2019

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

Members had been sent a copy of the Report. The Clerk reported that he received a telephone call that day from Inspector Paul Searle confirming the new way of reporting crimes in the area. He said there is website which can be searched showing a breakdown of crime locations. Some Councillors said they are not able to receive the reports on their iPads. The Clerk will investigate if they can be sent by others means.

Reports from County and District Councillors

A copy of the report from Cllr Mrs Davis was sent to each Member. It includes preliminary designs for a road safety scheme on the A3123; Community Insight Survey request for information; Nominate Devon's recycling heroes. Cllr Sue Button asked if anything could be done to bring forward a review date concerning footpath 45 as the date set by DCC is 2025. Cllr Mrs Davis explained the situation and following discussion it was agreed that Cllr Button will write to the Secretary of State on behalf of the Council. Cllr Tucker gave information from North Devon Council stressing the need for Parish Councillors to attend the next Parish Forum as it it will be about planning matters . Cllrs C Spear, S Button and A Harvey-Bryant said they will attend. Cllr Tucker said he will put a motion to NDC regarding the erection of individual wind turbines.

                                                          (Cllr Mrs Davis left the meeting at 19.53 to attend Shirwell)


Relevant correspondence has been sent to Councillors. Community Governance Reviews;

North Devon Record Office; Merewood Close; Devon Climate Energy;Road Closure.


Invoices agreed for paymentC F Wallis £100.00 (Oct)); North Devon Council £457.30(Nov); Admin.(Sept/Oct) £50.77, Marwood Matters (printing newsletter) £125.00 Balance at 3 October 2019, £8009.77

Precept 2020/21. Following the initial discussion for the precept next year, Members would recommend no increase in the precept and would set aside a budget for the clearance of debris and some drain cleaning associated with serious inclement weather.

The final recommendation for the 2020/21 precept will be made at the December meeting.

Planning Matters

70581 – Rock Quarry, Whitehall Middle Marwood. Extension to and conversion of two storage/recreational buildings to form one dwelling.                 Recommend : Approval

70544 – Miller's House Marwood. Listed Building application. Replacement and alterations to front door to include adding stone steps up to the new door and widening the new entrance to include side lights to improve light to property together with repairs to cobb wall with new lime mortar.                                                                                       Recommend : Approval

                                                                                     Cllr Tucker left the meeting at 20.25


On-going Matters

Telephone Kiosk  Cllr Wallis reported that due to the inclement weather work to the phone box has not been started

Prixford Traffic Calming Scheme  Cllr Spear has contacted the contractors who have instructions to start the work. He will contact them again tomorrow.

Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths  No report.

Highways/Transport Members commented on the proposed road closures saying they will cause considerable access problems for some residents. It was reported that the  Muddiford Inn has now closed.

Climate Action Plan Workshop. This was attended by Cllr Bend. The Clerk had sent all Members information obtained at the meeting. Cllr Bend said the workshop was run by the 361 Community Energy Organisation with a purpose to identify actions, to adapt to the climate change and to reduce the carbon footprint. They are offering free home visits by their advisors to eligible residents on how to review energy usage, energy tariffs and giving free energy-saving equipment such as LED lightbulbs. He felt the workshop was aimed more for the policy-makers of North Devon Council rather than for Parishes.

The Chairman thanked him for attending and his report.

Chairman's Discretion.


                                                                                     Meeting closed at 21.00                                                                                                       M J Measures


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