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We're here as Parish Councillors to help support the community and keep people connected in Marwood, Devon. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month, except August when there is no meeting.  All the contact details of the Parish Councillors are listed below and on the notice boards. You can also use the  CONTACT US THROUGH THIS WEBSITE IF YOU NEED OR CAN OFFER HELP.

Parish Councillor  -  If you would like to serve as a Parish Councillor to represent the residents of the Parish, please contact the Clerk to the Council  on for further information and forms.    Applications must be returned by 30 September 2021




 Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 7 October 2021

Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, S Button, A Bend, D Chugg, C Wallis, R Berry

 A Harvey-Bryant.

Apologies: Cllr M Higdon, Cllr Mrs Davis,

In Attendance: Cllr F Tucker. M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Disclosable Interests. None   Chairman's Discretion. Drainage.

Minutes of the Meetings

The Minutes of the Meeting 2 September 2021 were agreed and signed as true record

Police Report

The Police Report, showing two crimes in the Parish, has been sent to Councillors

Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Tucker reported that the recently appointed Head of Planning has resigned. He

encouraged Members to attend the Parish Forum on 14 October, via Zoom.

Cllr Davis was attending a full Council Meeting at County Hall and a copy of her report is attached to the Minutes. It includes; Highway engagement with Parish Councils, (a new reporting procedure); Funding available for organisations to support self-isolating residents; Queen's Green Canopy (plant a tree in Jubilee); Covid Update.


Relevant correspondence has been sent to Councillors. Cllr Bend has contacted Jane Young (CARA) relaying the Council's comments and it is thought the pending Appeal will be heard in the New Year.


The following were agreed for payment: North Devon Council £457.30 (Oct); C F Wallis £120.00 (Oct); Jindo £108.00 (website annual fee); RBL Poppy Appeal £30.00.

Balance at 7 October is £6042.98

Planning Matters

73454 – Land off Whitefield Hill Muddiford. Creation of field entrance.

In the application there was no reason given to create a new entrance and Members considered it is not a suitable location for proposed gateway on a bend on a narrow, busy road.                                                                                        Recommend : Refusal

73970 – Land adjacent to Merewood Close. Non-material amendments to planning permission 66342 (erection of one local needs dwelling)      Recommend : Approval

Adoption of BT kiosk

In spite of several telephone calls and writing, there has been no response from the Community Heart Trust.

Euroforest : Proposed Road Closure

Cllr Higdon has been in contact with one local business which responded to the request for involvement as it was agreed that business owners would meet on site with Euroforest. Cllr Mrs Davis has suggested that they deal directly with Mark Tansley of Euroforest.

Cllr Higdon will continue to act on behalf of the Council when arranging future meetings.

Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths. Cllr Wallis confirmed there is no proposed new footpath through Marwood. There is a sign missing along footpath 14 and Cllr Wallis and Cllr Sue Button commented on the poor condition of this footpath where undulations make it almost impossible to use. Cllr Wallis will inform DCC.

Highways. No further report. The problems concerning parking in certain parts of the Parish have been reported to the police. Residents are asked to be mindful of where and how they park vehicles and to consider access to local dwellings and the indiscriminate parking causing obstructions.


Chairman's Discretion

Drainage. Cllr Wallis said he has been informed of surface flooding caused by drains being blocked and waste bins being left over water courses. He will arrange for the drains to be cleared.

Marwood Matters. On behalf of the Council, Cllr Latham thanked June Tamlyn for managing the Marwood Matters website.


The resolution was passed “to exclude members of the public and Press in order to discuss matters of a confidential nature”.

Following discussion it was unanimously agreed to co-opt Nick Plumb as a Councillor to Marwood Parish Council. The Clerk will inform him later.                                                            

                                                                                                Meeting closed at 20.30













Malcolm J Measures MInstAM,MMS

Twenty-five years ago, on 1 July 1996, I was appointed as Clerk/RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) and Proper Officer to Marwood Parish Council. The appointment also included acting as Clerk to Marwood Poor Lands Charity (later I became, and still am, a Trustee).The interview was held in the old Parish Council Hall in Milltown and was attended, inter alia, by Nigel Spink, Ken Spear, Lily Tanton, Sheelagh Darling, Margaret Pover and Harold Hopkins; names many will remember. There have been many changes over the years.

     The appointment was for 2.5 hours per week and “just get the job done” and to attend a Parish Council Meeting, one evening every six weeks and to be paid once every six months.

      In June 1998 I was appointed Town Clerk at Ilfracombe, (part time) to run concurrently with Marwood. Ilfracombe was experiencing some difficult times and my main role was to get the Town Council back into a “working order”. It took a few years and following my cancer operation I left in 2006, continuing with Marwood.

      Since July 1996 I have arranged and attended over 280 meetings, written over 5000 Minutes, and prepared 30 pages of accounts with over 800 entries, with a total accountable amount of over £270,000.

      Perhaps the most pleasing and satisfying achievement (if I may call it that) was the management and investment of the capital funds (on behalf of the Parish Council/Trustees), from the sale of the old Council Hall, realising an additional £50,000, providing a total of almost £190,000 towards the cost of the new Community Hall.

      In April 2011 I became Clerk to the Council for Heanton Punchardon Parish Council, to help them through a difficult time. I am still there!

      My local government experience began 55 years ago with a West London Borough on 14 February 1966 (a good year for football fans).

       I took early retirement (as the Principal Personnel and Management Services Officer) and moved to North Devon in 1994 where I had spent many happy holidays and camping with The Boys' Brigade.

      If all goes well, I will complete my three score years and ten, plus ten in December this year. Psalm 90 vs 10. “The years of our life are threescore and ten, or even by reason of strength, fourscore, yet their span is but toil and trouble”. I think the last few years have proved this to be true although my childhood years, through and after WW2, were not easy.

      I look forward to going beyond this time-scale; there's lots to do, but oh, how times have changed!

Thank you to all who have helped me through the last twenty-five years; there's more to come.

 Malcolm “M”

Parish Councillors


 Cllr Colin Latham (Vice-Chairman)

Higher Stowford Farm

Hore Down Gate EX34 *PH

01271 269824


Cllr Adrian Bend

Rowan Cottage

Muddiford  EX31 4HH

 01271 850897


Cllr Richard Berry

Honeywell Farm

Muddiford EX31 4HS

01271 850392




Cllr Mrs Sue Button

Easter Cottage

Patsford EX31 4EF

01271 813804


Cllr David Chugg

Kalbarri House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 377491


Cllr Andrew Harvey-Bryant

The Cottage

Middle Marwood EX31 4EG

01271 850577



Cllr Malcolm Higdon

The Old Malt House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 373420


Cllr Christopher Wallis

Woodgate  Cottage

Milltown EX31 4HG

01271 850260


M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

9 Kingfisher Drive

Barnstaple EX32 8QW

 01271 323386

County Cllr Mrs Andrea Davis

Southwinds  Cottage

Kentisbury EX31 4NH

 07786 868038

District Cllr Frederick J (Joe) Tucker

3 Shorelands Way, Barnstaple EX31 3AB


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