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Parish Councillors

Cllr Christopher  Spear (Chairman)

Brooklyn Milltown

EX31 4HG

01271 850533


Cllr Colin Latham (Vice-Chairman)

Higher Stowford Farm

Hore Down Gate EX34 *PH

01271 269824


Cllr Adrian Bend

Rowan Cottage

Muddiford  EX31 4HH

 01271 850897

Cllr Richard Berry

Honeywell Farm

Muddiford EX31 4HS

01271 850392


Cllr Mrs Sue Button

Easter Cottage

Patsford EX31 4EF

01271 813804


Cllr David Chugg

Kalbarri House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 377491

 Cllr Andrew Harvey-Bryant

The Cottage

Middle Marwood EX31 4EG

01271 850577


Cllr Malcolm Higdon

The Old Malt House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 373420


Cllr Christopher Wallis

Woodgate  Cottage

Milltown EX31 4HG

01271 850260

M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

9 Kingfisher Drive

Barnstaple EX32 8QW

 01271 323386

County Cllr Mrs Andrea Davis

Southwinds  Cottage

Kentisbury EX31 4NH

 01271 883865

District Cllr Frederick J (Joe) Tucker

3 Shorelands Way, Barnstaple EX31 3AB


 The most recent Parish Council Meeting Report  and updates following members of the public questioning the need for a complete road closure. FOLLOWING  CONSULTATION, THE CHAIRMAN HAS AGREED TO CANCEL THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING ON 9 JANUARY  2020 DUE TO LACK OF URGENT BUSINESS . For previous meetings click here .  

GOOD NEWS! Following the community questioning of the B3230 Road Closure at the last PC meeting  the following statement  has been made

by  Cllr Andrea Davis on 17.12.19 

Officers at DCC have reconsidered design options and are now planning to undertake a soil nailing scheme, which we believe will be achievable under temporary traffic lights for the entire period of the works. We will also need a temporary 30mph speed restriction to increase our working space on site.

      The anticipated duration of the soil nailing is around 10 weeks but likely to be an additional 4-6 weeks on top for various drainage/ kerbing works, so around 16 weeks total duration.

       Currently our timescales are to send the scheme out to tender early January 2020 with an aim to award to a contractor towards the end of January 2020.


We should then be able to start on site mid-February, which will allow us around 2 weeks to mobilise.

B3230 Road closure update

At Thursday 5th December Parish Councils meeting the chairman updated the councillors and members of the public who were in attendance on the actions that have been taken in relation to the closure of the B3230 at Plaistow Mills for retaining wall works. The chairman said he had first been made aware of the closure by a local resident who had picked the information up from the DCC’s planned road closure website and given the effect that the last closure had on the community he emailed the local County Councillor Andrea Davis with a number of queries in relation to the proposed closure. This email was forwarded to Adam Baldwin the engineer at the engineering design group responsible for this project;

·        These queries included details of the proposed diversionary route.

·        Proposed work to provide passing places on the Shirwell to Lynton Cross route used by so many last time.

·        Will some of the other routes eg Shirwell, Prixford and Guineaford be gritted during the B3230 closure?

·        Why is the Prixford/ Guineaford road to be closed for a period during the B3230 closure?

·        Could DCC look at ways of reducing the closure period by using traffic lights at certain stages during construction?

·        What are the proposals for emergency vehicles during the closure?


The response received from Adam Baldwin was:

·        The official diversionary route will be the same as last time up to Lynton cross, Mullacott cross, into Braunton and then Barnstaple and vice versa.

·        There are no plans to improve passing places on other local routes as the only official diversionary route is the above.

·        There are no current plans to provide gritting to these alternative local routes.

·        The closure date for the Prixford/Guineaford road has been deferred until April after the B3230 road works are complete.

·        Emergency vehicle access will not be possible and they will be advised to use the official diversionary route.

·        They will look to see whether they can use traffic lights at some stage of construction if practical, but they are still looking at design options and it is inevitable that heavy plant will be required during most of the construction period which will take up both carriageways.

·        The current proposal is for 70m plus to be repaired under this contract.


Post meeting note

·        The B3230 closure will be delayed until 20th January with the 3rd April still as the completion date. Marwood PC received official notification on the 6th Dec.

·        Restated that there will be no access for Emergency Vehicles.

·        DCC confirmed they would be happy to meet the PC and residents to explain what the work will entail and to provide regular updates.

·        Chairman suggests that this could take place after Christmas when details are finalised.

·        There could be more exploratory works on site leading up to Christmas.


·         DCC promised to discuss resources with their contractor to try and minimise the period the road is closed. 


Report of the COUNCIL MEETING  5 December 2019

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford

Prior to the Meeting a member of the public addressed  Councillors concerning the problems associated with  the proposed road-works and closure of the B3230

She said that so far no official notification has been issued by Devon County Council Highways and there have been changes to the dates for the work. She asked if one-way traffic-lights could be used; if there could be weekend and evening opening of the road; sufficient workforce to complete the job on time;possible weekend and/or night working. She also asked for the public to be kept fully informed by means of newsletters and for information regarding the signage of the proposed diversion.


Members Present: Cllrs. C Spear, C Latham, S Button,  A Bend, D Chugg, R Berry,

A Harvey-Bryant

Apologies: Cllrs. C Wallis, M Higdon. Cllr Mrs Davis          

Six members of the public

Disclosable Interests.  None            Chairman's Discretion. Next meeting

Proposed closure of B3230

In order to assist members of the public who had attended, Council agreed to move this item up the Agenda. Cllr Spear had been in close contact with Devon County Council Highways exchanging several e-mails in order to obtain answers to the many questions raised by members of the public,( mainly through lack of information from DCC).

He read the e-mails in detail sent and received which provided much of the information required. A precis of this information will sent to Marwood Matters for inclusion on the website and also attached to the Minutes of the Meeting.

Members of the public thanked the Chairman for the detailed information and they left the meeting at19.53.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 7 November 2019

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

The crime figures are still being sent with Marwood being incorporated with several other areas of North Devon. There is website ( which can be searched showing a breakdown of crime locations.

Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Tucker gave information from North Devon Council thanking Parish Councillors for attending Parish Forum on planning matters .

No report from Cllr Mrs Davis who was attending full  Devon County Council Meeting                                                                   


Relevant correspondence has been sent to Councillors. A letter from a resident in Kingsheanton concerning dog-fouling. Cllr Tucker gave out notices to be displayed around the Parish. Notification that the Muddiford Inn is now temporarily open. There is some concern regarding the responsibility for the defibrillator. The Clerk will investigate.

Finance The Clerk reported that due to the change in financial regulations the Parish has had to change its bank mandate from a Personal Account to a Business Account. A new cheque book and paying-in book have been issued. Two unpresented cheques have not cleared the old account and have been cancelled.

Invoices agreed for payment:  North Devon Council £457.30(Nov); Admin.(Nov) £74.23 (includes training/ election) North Devon Council £457.30 (Oct re-issue)

Balance at 5 December  2019, £8272.07

Precept 2020/21. The Clerk reported that North Devon Council Strategy and Resources Committee has approved in principle to remove the Parish Grant for 2020/21.This is the grant for cemetery maintenance and hall hire. Following the initial discussion for the precept next year, Members recommend no increase in the precept and would set aside a budget for the clearance of debris and some drain cleaning associated with serious inclement weather                                                      Cllr Tucker left the meeting at 20.35

Planning Matters

66135 – Barleycott, Muddiford. Outline application for erection of one local needs dwelling and access (some matters reserved) (amended plans)                  Recommend : Approval   70827 – The Fold Milltown. Erection of garage                        Recommend : Approval

Application 66342, erection of on local needs dwelling at land north of Merewood Close will be heard by NDC Planning Committee on 11 December, Cllr Spear will attend.

On-going Matters

Telephone Kiosk.No further report

Prixford Traffic Calming Scheme. Some work has been carried out. Cllr Chugg will contact the contractors

Footpath 45. No report

Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths.  No report.

Highways/Transport.9 Including B3230) see Minute 5024

Parish Forum on Planning. Several Members attended and comments ranged from interesting and informative to lack of control of the meeting.

Chairman's Discretion.

Due the New Year holiday it was agreed to hold the next meeting on 9 January 2020


                            Malcolm Measures                     Meeting closed at 21.00                                                                                               

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