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To view recent Parish Council Meeting Minutes and Reports, click here  and see report below. The next meeting is Thursday 14th December 2017 when Marwood Poor Lands Charity, see below, will be discussed befor the meeting. 


          Marwood Poor Lands Charity (including Ackland's Gift)


Applications for Grants This Charity was established over 100 years ago to provide grants of money to the poor and destitute living in the Parish of Marwood. Today a small annual income is obtained from the lease of 7.5 acres of land in Marwood. Due to the continual social change, the reasons for applying for grants has also changed but the basics are similar; eg., to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity, or assistance with special payments. The increase in Government Social Welfare Payments has seen a large reduction in the number of applicants. Claims for grants are considered in confidence by the Charity Trustees, namely, Cllr Sheelagh Darling, Cllr Colin Latham and Malcolm J Measures (also Clerk to the Charity). Applicants must clearly demonstrate a need and provide some form of evidence.If you wish to apply, or know someone who you think is eligible, please contact the Clerk to the Charity (9 Kingfisher Drive, Westacott, Barnstaple EX32 8QW or e-mail: marparco2© The ANNUAL MEETING of the Charity is on Thursday 14th December at 19.00 Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford.

Council Agenda 9th November 2017
Council Agenda 091117.pdf
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                        Marwood Parish Council. 12 October 2017

Before the meeting a member of the public presented estimated costs to tarmac footpath 45. Members reaffirmed that this footpath does not come under the Devon County Council Parish Paths Partnership Scheme and therefore the grants provided by DCC to the Parish Council cannot be used for repair/maintenance of this footpath.

The member of the public left at 19.40 and the Parish Council Meeting started at 19.45




M of the COUNCIL MEETING 12 October 2017

Marwood Methodist Church Hall, Guineaford


Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham, C Spear,  S Button, D Chugg, C Wallis,

A Skentelbery,

Apologies: Cllrs. Mrs S Darling, R Berry, T Bigge. Cllr F Tucker.  PCSO Kingdon

In Attendance:  Cllr Mrs A Davis.  M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

Disclosable Interests. None

Chairman's Discretion.  None

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 14 September 2017

The Minutes were agreed and signed as a true record

Police Report

Five crimes have been reported , namely: two neighbourhood disputes, one dangerous driving of a vehicle,two thefts.

Reports from County and District Councillors

The full report from Cllr Mrs Davis is attached to the Minutes. She explained the proposals for the A361 Devon Link Road including a long-term strategy for improvements prioritising an £88 million upgrade. The bid for finance will be sent in December. Schools  across Devon stand to gain £7.5 million more from Government's proposed new funding formula

No report from Cllr Tucker.


Correspondence has been sent to Councillors via e-mail. Road salt isavailable for purchase through Devon County Council via the Snow Warden Scheme.


Payment of Invoices. Invoices agreed for payment; £30.00 Poppy Appeal (wreath and donation); £60.00 J Tamlyn (annual website fee to JimdoPro), £28.02 (Admin/Accom.Sept) Statement of Account at 12 October  is £7796.12 (this includes the second half-year payment of precept and grants from NDC). 

Future Grants.  The Clerk informed Members that grants from NDC for cemetery maintenance and hall hire will be reduced by 50% in 2018/19 and will be fully removed in 2019/20. This will the subject of discussion when Members consider setting the precept.

Planning Matters

No applications received

Footpath 45

Members discussed the information of estimated costs provided earlier. Some commented that the footpath is an important link to the Parish Church and others said it is passable as a footpath. Members were made aware that local residents/landowners are looking into the probability of spreading the proposed cost among themselves.

Councillors expressed some disappointment that the footpath is not included as part of the DCC P3 Scheme. Fullerbrook CIC had been contacted but they do not give grants to individuals or groups of individuals. Following further discussion the Council agreed:

not to take part in the proposed “consortium” concerning the repair/maintenance of footpath 45 (voting; 5 x FOR, 1 x ABSTAIN) and;

as footpath 45 is not included in Devon County Council Parish Paths Partnership Scheme, Parish Council funds are not available to assist with this project.(voting 6 x FOR)

Reports from Councillors

Highways.  Cllr Chugg commented on the condition of roads in North Devon. An agenda item for the next meeting.

Parish Footpaths.  Cllr Wallis said Devon County Council will carry out major repairs to footpath 28. He continues to install and repair signs etc. as part of the P3 Scheme

Chairman's Discretion



                                                                                                The Meeting closed at 20.45

                                                                                                          M J Measures    



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