Marwood Parish Council

We're here as Parish Councillors to help support the community and keep people connected in Marwood, Devon. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month, except August when there is no meeting.  All the contact details of the Parish Councillors are listed below and on the notice boards. You can also use the  CONTACT US THROUGH THIS WEBSITE IF YOU NEED OR CAN OFFER HELP.


ICY ROADS IN MARWOOD - A reminder that Cllr David Chugg has a supply of SALT if needed - see contact details below


Report of the COUNCIL MEETING 3 March 2022

Members Present: Cllrs. C Latham,  A Bend, A Harvey-Bryant,  C Wallis,  N Plumb.

Apologies: Cllrs S Button, R Berry, D Chugg. Cllr F Tucker

In Attendance: Cllrs Mrs A Davis. M J Measures (Clerk to the Council).

Disclosable Interests. None

Chairman's Discretion. Cllr Berry

Minutes of the Meetings

The Minutes of the Meeting 20 January 2022 were agreed and signed as a true record.

Police Report

February copy not yet received

Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Tucker has reported that the NDC Council Tax for 2022/23 for a band D property will increase by £57.00 a year. An information leaflet will be sent to all households.

Cllr Mrs Davis commented on the one week extension of the closure of the B3230 (to

11 March2022) and said this is partly due to the serious inclement stormy weather.

The Clerk informed Members that some members of the public have complained about the closure and the need to have to travel the much longer detour route.


Relevant correspondence has been sent to Councillors. Notification of extended Road Closure; Barnstaple Market Quarter Consultation; North Devon Culture Strategy.


The following were agreed for payment: North Devon Council £457.30 (Feb); Admin/Accomm £42.00 (Feb/Mar); North Devon Council £457.30 (March).

Cllr Bend proposed and it was unanimously agreed to send a donation of £250.00 for the people of Ukraine from the people of Marwood Parish, North Devon, towards providing food, water, medical supplies, shelter. The Clerk will arrange.

Balance at 3 March 2022 is £2954.52 (incldes the donation)..

Planning Matters


74719 – Balments Dairy Unit. Erection of a steel-framed agricultural building                Recommend : Approval

72984 – The Bolthole Milltown. Conversion of storage building and change of use of land to a wedding venue (amended information).    Recommend : Refusal

74525 – Treehaven Cottage. Extension to dwelling to include a Juliette balcony with alterations to the front of th dwelling   Recommend : Approval

74812 – Whiddon Farm. Demolition of outbuilding and erection of new dwelling together with erection of double garage/carport.  Recommend:Approval

74853 – Burland Farm Bittadon. Concrete over existing farmyard area and upgrade to track Recommend ; Approval                           

The Clerk reported that one application had been received and one possible applicant could not be considered as he did not meet the required criteria having only recently moved into the Parish. It was unanimously agreed to co-opt Karen Down as a Councillor to Marwood Parish Council with effect from 7 April 2022 (next Council Meeting).

Reports from Councillors

Parish Footpaths. Cllr Wallis said there are some signs and other furniture to be put up.

Highways. Potholes are being repaired but not in the wet weather.

Chairman's Discretion

Members expressed their best wishes for a speedy and full recovery to Cllr Berry after his “farm injury”.


                                                                                                Meeting closed at 20.05


and Planning

Marwood Parish Council

It was unanimously agreed to co-opt Karen Down as a Councillor to Marwood Parish Council with effect from 7 April 2022 (next Council Meeting).



February 2021 - Planning Matters to be considered particularly by neighbours and the Parish Council. Please go to

 put in the application number and click on the webpage for further details. 

(You have to agree to the Copyright Notice under the Documents tab if you want to see documents - then you can download them)



74975 – Land at Barleycott Muddiford. Reserved matters application for proposed details of the scale, appearance and layout of the house together with details of the external landscaping (outline permission 66135 for erection of one local needs dwelling and access).

74992 – Land at Barleycott Muddiford. Retrospective application for creation of access, compacted gravel track to dwelling together with compacted gravel hard-standing for parking and turning


Parish Councillors


 Cllr Colin Latham (Vice-Chairman)

Higher Stowford Farm

Hore Down Gate EX34 *PH

01271 269824


Cllr Adrian Bend

Rowan Cottage

Muddiford  EX31 4HH

 01271 850897


Cllr Richard Berry

Honeywell Farm

Muddiford EX31 4HS

01271 850392




Cllr Mrs Sue Button

Easter Cottage

Patsford EX31 4EF

01271 813804


Cllr David Chugg

Kalbarri House

Kingsheanton  EX31 4ED

01271 377491


Cllr Andrew Harvey-Bryant

North Warcombe Farm,

Lee EX34 8LR

 07484 640770



 Cllr Nick Plumb.

The Cottage

Middle Marwood EX31 4EG

 01271 850577


Cllr Christopher Wallis

Woodgate  Cottage

Milltown EX31 4HG

01271 850260


M J Measures (Clerk to the Council)

9 Kingfisher Drive

Barnstaple EX32 8QW

 01271 323386

County Cllr Mrs Andrea Davis

Southwinds  Cottage

Kentisbury EX31 4NH

 07786 868038

District Cllr Frederick J (Joe) Tucker

3 Shorelands Way, Barnstaple EX31 3AB


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