Volunteers Needed

1st Marwood Scouts is growing fast, new young people are joining every term and Beaver, Cub and Scout sections need adult support to allow them to continue to operate and grow.


We need your help even if it's just an hour a month there's a place waiting for you. Just finished college and or Uni and want to get back into Scouting - you never really left, welcome.


Currently we are looking for a Chairman to lead and a Secretary to help run our small Executive Committee plus an Activities Team Member to work with the Beavers, Cubs & Scout sections, full training will be provided, you will need a Scout DBS check done and go through a selection/appointment process, if you're 18 or over please drop me an an email or give me a call, we can discuss how you can help to encourage, foster, develop and build strong, independent confident young people.

Thank you,

Bugsy, Scout Leader


Alan Cruden: - 01271 850592 



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I want my child to join Scouting
This form should be used to register your young person with 1st Marwood Scouts, it does not guarantee they will have a place, but will provide the Scout leader with essential information to enable a decision to be made.
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This link will take you to our "Waiting to Join" list on our admin system, Online Scout Manager.

1st Marwood Scouts

Meet Rachel, Erin, Harry, Kyla & Tareq


Rachel is the Beaver Scout Leader

1st Marwood Beaver Scout Colony

Open to boys and girls meeting on a Thursday's. From 5pm - 6pm. A young person may join at 6 years and remain until 8. Contact email; to let me know if you are interested in joining the colony.

The colony is full with 24 young people regularly attending, all of them have been invested into Beaver Scouts and have got their first badges.


Beavers have a wide and varied program of activities planned through out the year.

1st Marwood Cub Scouts

Run by Toomi & Hazel the Cub leader and section assistant, its open  to young people from age 8 to 10 1/2. Meeting every Thursday from 6.15 pm to 7.30 pm during term time. We have a strong, varied program of activities and events both local, North Devon District and regional camps. 

1st Marwood Scouts

Aged from age 10 1/2 to 14.  Run by Bugsy and Alex the Scouts meet every Thursday during term time from 7.45 pm to 9 pm and roughly once a month either at 1st Marwood Scout HQ or at prearranged location to do an extended activity, e.g. 30 mile cycle or Full Day Hike.


Scouts will be able to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and continue with their Silver & Gold Award scheme, Queens Scout Award and participate in Ten Tors if they wish.


These nationally recognised qualifications are great on your CV, they show dedication, outward bound spirit and determination to succeed, great attributes to a prospective employee.

1st Marwood Scouts at the Remembrance Service     at Marwood Church on Sunday 12th November 2017